Overview of Atavi Homestay
at the cradle of nature

About Us:

  The homestay is located in a beautiful stream bed in the midst of the Western Ghats.
  Atavi means forest. The name of the place is Doddagaddhe Horatti which is named after a large paddy field known as Doddagaddhe in the backyard of the Homestay.This valley is surrounded by vast wooded mountains, grasslands and great flora and fauna with rare species of birds, animals and other natural wildlife habitats.
  Western Ghats are known for its rich biodiversity and are one amongst worlds 18 mega biodiversity hotspots.The environment keeps the region cool and pleasant. It is a great travel destination.The homestay started with the intention of creating awareness among people about conservation of “The Western Ghats”. Away from the densely populated, heavily polluted cities tourists can rejuvenate themselves with silence,sounds of nature, fresh air & water a totally different environment.

Take a tour..

It is a great travel destination. Climatic conditions and wide range of flora and fauna add to this adventure. Experience and explore the nature’s wilderness in the terrain of The Western Ghats. Atavi Homestay is for those who look for a perfect nestle in a natural habitat.
Special Attractions
The Abbi Waterfall

This waterfall is within the boundary of the homestay.
The water games like swimming, water volleyball etc can be played.

Micro Hydro-electric power plant
The Powerplant Overview

The owner of the homestay Mr.Kiran Kumar has installed a small Hydro electric turbine and produce 1.5 KV of electricity.
In the whole year nearly nine months he gets free nature provided electricity with uninterrupted capabilities.
This type of micro hydro-electric plants gets subsidy from the government because they are clean energy sources.
This also encourage people to use such kind of renewable energy sources. The micro hydro-electric plant needs sufficient water flow & height to gain much higher capacities.